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Department of statistics started in the year 1983 during the tenure of Prof B.C.Kamat.It is a compulsory Subject for B.Com II year students. Applied statistics was introduced as an optional subject in the year 1991 for B.A students. Prof B.C.Kamat served as the principal & head of the department of statistics from October - 1984 to January - 1989 & from June - 1999 to November- 2000. Professor H.S.Pujar served as the principal & head of the department of statistics from Dec-2007 to May - 2012. At present Smt S.S.Biradar has been serving as the head of the department since July-2013. Shri L.S.Patil, Smt S.S.Biradar, Shri B.R. Biradar, Shri A.S.Madolli, Shri Manjunath.J and Miss K.H.Sulikeri and Miss P.H.Karadi dedicated & experienced Professors have served the department .


•To Strengthen the Statistics teaching , research and its applications •The Department of Statistics is Committed to meet the educational and professional needs of the current requirement and to develop intellectually vigorous community of students and faculty


•To familiarizes students at graduate level with the role of probabilistic as well as descriptive and inferential statistical ideas •To provide in-depth knowledge regarding the theory and application of modern statistical techniques that are commonly used for data analysis •To provide effective supervisory training for the basic that pushes forward the frontier of knowledge in the field of statistics


Prof. S.S.Biradar

Prof. S.S.Biradar

Assistant Professor & HOD




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