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Department of Botany started from 1992 and has B. Sc Botany (UG). The department well eqipped laboratory with modern instruments. The department is enriched with modern instruments. The department is enriched with learning resources such as charts, slides, models, herbarium which help the studens in independent learning. Department of Botany also have Botanical Garden with various medicinal plants. The botanical excursion is organized in view to study the wild plant diversity, forest ecosystem and to inculcate the reach knowledge to the students by visiting Agriculture University and Horticulture University. Department having qualified and experienced faculty. Department of Botany has started Short term certificate course as “Medicinal Botany” and “Organic Farming”. Department has organizes different activity like webinar, seminar, workshop, tree plantation drive etc,.The department has support from Rohini Biotech Mahalingpur tissue culture laboratory particularly for on job training as well as employment purpose under MOU.


Our Vision is to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns and process of life with a focus on plants and their arrangements.


•Our mission is to faster an environment of excellence by attracting and supporting the outstanding students, faculty and staff needed to sustain our vision. •Its mission is to apply conventional as well as conventional tools to understand plant process, development of human resource with hands on experience in the frontier area of plant science. •Establishment of linkages with National and International Institute for betterment of students of the Department




Lecturer & HOD

Dr.  Suresh Holabasappa Modi

Dr. Suresh Holabasappa Modi


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